15 Unique Icebreakers You Could Ask People at Your Next Event

"To be INTERESTING and MEMORABLE, be interested in others."  -Holley Mignosi 


Have you ever been at a networking meeting or social occasion and got stuck in a conversation what was painfully boring? 

Or worse.

The conversation fell into an awkward silence leaving both of you struggling to find something to say?

Me too! 

That's why I went on the hunt to find an easy conversation formula that would put the spark into any business or social chit-chat.  And yay! I found it! 

Thanks to world-renowned Hypnotist and NLP Master Trainer David Snyder.  He recommends asking questions related to Location, Occasion, and Passion.  To make it easier for myself to remember I call it ...


Unique Conversation Starters - The 3 Ps 


The topics are simply PEOPLE, PLACE and PASSION

Here is how it works. 

Let’s say you are at a networking meeting or social occasion.  Instead of asking, “So what do you do?”...

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