15 Unique Icebreakers You Could Ask People at Your Next Event

"To be INTERESTING and MEMORABLE, be interested in others."  -Holley Mignosi 


Have you ever been at a networking meeting or social occasion and got stuck in a conversation what was painfully boring? 

Or worse.

The conversation fell into an awkward silence leaving both of you struggling to find something to say?

Me too! 

That's why I went on the hunt to find an easy conversation formula that would put the spark into any business or social chit-chat.  And yay! I found it! 

Thanks to world-renowned Hypnotist and NLP Master Trainer David Snyder.  He recommends asking questions related to Location, Occasion, and Passion.  To make it easier for myself to remember I call it ...


Unique Conversation Starters - The 3 Ps 


The topics are simply PEOPLE, PLACE and PASSION

Here is how it works. 

Let’s say you are at a networking meeting or social occasion.  Instead of asking, “So what do you do?” which is boring and NOT original at all, try asking icebreaker questions about where you are or the people at the event. Then, inquire about their passions and interests. By asking these questions YOU become more interesting.  And you may get some pretty interesting answers that will make for a memorable conversation. 

Here are 15 sample questions you may enjoy. 



1.  I am curious, how do you know the host?

2.  I was wondering,  how do you two know each other?

3.  So tell me, do you know any of the guest speakers?

4.  Do you know the panel of guests?

5.  Who is the most interesting person you have met here?

6.  Have you ever been to one of the hosts other events?



7.  What do you think of this venue?

8.  How is that drink? I was considering getting one as well.

9.  What do you think of this location?

10.  Have you been to any other events here?

11.  What was it that attracted you to this meeting/event?

12.  What do you hope to get out of this meeting/event?



13.  Have you gone on any interesting vacations lately?

14.  Do you have a passion project you are currently working on?

15.  What was one of your biggest successes last year?


How to make sure that you DON’T sound like you are interrogating them with questions. 

David Snyder also recommends using “softeners” at the beginning of each question.   “Softeners” are small phrases that build rapport and give the listener the reason for your questions.  This allows them to feel more relaxed.   By the way,  this is an advanced technique that only the most skilled communicators use. 

Here is a list of softeners that can be added before any question:

1.  “Tell me I’m curious..”

2.  “I was wondering…”

3.  “Just so that I understand you better…”

4.  “I am interested in knowing wether…”

5.  “Would you mind telling me about…”

6.  “Do you mind if I ask you…”

5 simple steps to implement this new skill

1.  Copy and paste these questions to a blank page

2.  Print and keep with you in your pocket

3.  Or add to your notes on your phone

4.  Glance at your cheat sheet as needed

5. Enjoy never running out of things to say and being more memorable and interesting

There you have it,  15 unique ice-breakers for your next conversation!  By simply inquiring about People, Place, and Passions with new acquaintances you can stop boring conversations, be more memorable, and interesting.  Feel free to share this with your colleagues and friends.  Together you can enjoy your skills in being even more charismatic and confident.

If you are a speaker and would like more tips and techniques like these I invite you to join my Facebook Group "Shine on Stage”.

I would love to connect and share tips and techniques to powerful communication, charisma, confidence, and contribution. 

To your empowerment,

Holley Mignosi  










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