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Watch Holley sharing the body language tips on the popular NBC "The Doctors" Show

"I had a Signature Story Session with Holley last week and have to say - it was so amazing. She is helping me to CONNECT with my almost 3,000 people in my group on a level that even I am blown away by."


Jessa Hargrove

Founder of Heartfelt Marketing

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15 Hottest Hand Gestures

Stop your customers from SCROLLING passed you! Stand out by adding SIZZLE to your Speaking Style with these hot hand gestures.  


Holley Mignosi


Holley Mignosi is an international speaker, coach, and workshop leader passionately committed to helping entrepreneurial women and leaders mesmerize and captivate audiences with hypnotic body language, storytelling, and charismatic communication so that they can double their influence, and income while making a global difference.


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"Holley has a unique talent for creating a marked shift in how you literally "embody" your message."


Devi Adea

Host of Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast

"Holley lit up the room with her energy and wit, then brought down the house with her deep visualization. Her insight into her client’s needs, coupled with her strong desire to help people, shines through when she speaks."


Erin Loman Jeck

CEO Transformational Speakers Agency

"I highly recommend Holley for any event. Her ability to blend body language, mindset, presence and personal transformation together make her a must see speaker!" 


Dr. Morgan Oaks

Host of Intuitive Wisdom for Modern Transformation

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