Media & Podcast Appearances

Holley's heroic story and actionable frameworks for storytelling and hypnotic body language have been featured on some of the top Podcasts and Media sites.  Click, listen, connect, and share.

The Hidden Falls Media Experience

Listen as Holley and show host Alex Vonderhaar talk about hypnotic body language secrets that you can begin using now to up level your communication style.


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The Spiritually Expressed Human

Holley Mignosi deep dives on the Spiritually Expressed Human with Susan Dascenzi. Find out how the art of storytelling and body language  can make a difference in your interactions with others as a leader. 

Your Intended Message

You know you need to tell stories to deliver your intended message. How can you use your body language to support the story? Listen to Holley Mignosi and host George Torok for the answers.


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Defining You

Erica talks with Holley Mignosi in her coaching practice and online communities, she shows others how to give voice to their purpose. A source of personal and professional inspiration, Erica talks with Holley about the foundational journey that led her to where she is today.

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Dream Catchers Podcast

Holley and Jerome talk about her amazing story of transformation. She also shares the importance of healing in sharing your story with others. Learn how you can use your story to inspire others and create an impact on the world. Before the episode ends, Holley shares the five steps to telling a fantastic story. 

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Get F**ing Real

Lisa and Holley chat about how she developed an addiction to perfectionism that eventually morphed into a dependence on drugs. She knew she was spiraling out of control, but it wasn’t until it threatened her life and her daughters life that she finally had a Get F**ing Real Moment!

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Spiritual Entrepreneur

Enjoy a candid interview with host Devi Adea and I as we take a deep dive into  Body Language of Alpha Females, the 5 Phases of powerful Signature Stories and more.  Click below to listen.

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Charisma Quotient

Holley and Kimmy talk through how to tell your story from a place of victory, instead of victimhood. You'll hear tips from Holley about what kinds of hand gestures to use to show your date they can trust you, along with her 4 Pillars of Charisma. 

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Podcasting Business School

Join me in this fun convo with host Adam Schaeuble as we go deep into tips for podcasters to improve their message, micro expressions, and improving your storytelling skills.

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The Millionaire Woman Show

Host Debra Kasowski and I had way too much fun as I put Debra on the spot with a quiz to test her body language IQ.  Listen to find out yours! Go to your favorite podcast player OR subscribe and watch on YouTube 

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Mortgage Lending Mastery

Holley joins Jen Du Plessis to share how we can continue to utilize our body language even in the virtual world.  Learn the latest tips to help you SHINE ONLINE and get the results we want and more!

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Shower Epiphanies with Art Costello

Host Art Costello asks the tough, deep, and direct questions about my journey from addiction to entrepreneurship.  Listen and get ready as I bare it all.  The good, the bad, the sad, and the victory.

Amplify Your Success

Melanie and I dig deep into charisma, leadership signals and how men and women lead in uniques ways.

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The Art of Giving A Damn

Jump on a fun and light hearted interview with host Michelle Shaeffer and I as we talk about the 5 Phases of Powerful Storytelling for experts and entrepreneurs.

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Thrive Loud Podcast

Join Lou Diamond and I as we chat about how excited hypnotic body language can be when we marry that with EMBODYING your message.

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She Shed Comedy Podcast

A fun and light hearted girl chat with host Linda Schwartz, as I reveal body language secrets for public speakers who want to stand up and stand out.

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Profitable Public Speaking

A straight to the point interview with media Expert and Host Marc Guberti, as we dive right into the 5 Powerful Phases a Signature Story must have to convert listeners to customers.

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Author Your Life

Host Davide Mc Crae and I chat about how to "replace" rather than "erase" unwanted behaviors, use both pain and pleasure to motivate, and of course storytelling and body language.

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Intuitive Wisdom for Modern Transformation

A deep and powerful chat with host Dr. Morgan Oaks as we talk about our own stories and connection  through body language. 

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Wickedly Smart Women

Join me as I chat and get real with host Emerald GreenForest as we talk about how you can show up with more authenticity as an entrepreneur and expert.

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The Practice of the Practice

Joe Sanok and I dig deep into hand gestures, leadership signals and how men and women interpret body language differently.

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Learn More Earn More

Enjoy a candid interview with host Nancy Juetten and Holley take a deep dive into Body Language of Alpha Females, the 5 Phases of powerful Signature Stories, and more.  Click below to listen.


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Transformational Speakers Podcast

A high energy and fun chat with host Erin Loman Jeck as I reveal hypnotic body language secrets for experts and speakers who want to elevate their leadership presence and influence millions.

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Life Transformation Radio

Join Sean Douglas and Holley as they dig deep into conversation about how to USE life's most challenging moments.    "Our biggest ADVERSITIES ARE MEANT TO BE OUR GREATEST VICTORIES."

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