3 Crucial Key Elements to Captivate Your Audience During Your Talk

Have you ever found yourself listening to a great speaker and the next thing you know your mind begins to daydream? 

Or perhaps your mind drifts to your "to do list", then you snap out of it because everyone else is laughing, but you missed that funny moment and now it's gone? 

How can we as speakers make sure this does not happen to us?  How can we make sure that the audience gets every juicy morsel of our meaningful message?  How can we make sure that they feel connected to us and our message?  How can we make a first impression that positions us as an expert before we even say the first word?

Bo Eason, one of the worlds greatest speaking coaches and former professional football player for the Houston Oilers once said, "There are no bad audiences.  There are no bad listeners.  There are only performers or speakers who have failed to connect."

We must connect and engage with our audience if we are going hold their attention and make an impact....

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