Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Giving a Speech

What are the key elements of a memorable and engaging talk?

Perhaps you have heard common things like:

  • giving high-value content
  • well-organized material
  • storytelling
  • engaging body language
  • vocal variety

But what about emotional variety? 

Does your talk have a balance of engaging emotional variety? Your talk is like a work of art.  Are you painting with a pallet of many colors, or just black and white?

According to Kendal Haven and his team of researchers, who were commissioned by the Department of Defense to study the science of storytelling on the brain, there is a part of the brain that lights up when we hear stories.  They called it the "Neural Story Net".  Haven and his team found that the best speakers tell stories that light up this part of the brain.  And that their stories have 4 special components:

1. Engagement- the audience easily dedicated mental focus because the story had an emotional component that held their attention.

2. ...

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