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with Actionable Steps to Boost Thriving Organizations 

Book "Body of Influence"

Today's business is built on relationships, trust, and powerful communication tools that reflect global conscious leadership. In Holley's most requested talk "Body of Influence", your team will learn how to..

Enrich Relationships


Do you know the science of relationships?

Holley will reveal how to use body language to connect, communicate and influence in a professional environment.  Body language science can also help teams understand how to:

  • build trust triggers
  • decode emotions
  • boost effective communication

Participants will have actionable steps that can be used both inside and outside the office. 


Boost Leadership


Are leaders born or made, and can leadership be learned?  Holley shares the latest neuroscience on body language leadership.  She helps audiences turn science into practical techniques that can help them:

  • boost team work
  • ultra confident communication
  • spot the alpha in any situation

Attendees will feel energized and inspired to step into new leadership skills for fun AND profit.


Conscious Communication


With congruent body language that matches our words, we improve how we are perceived by our co-workers, friends and family.  When they match people find us more authentic, trusting, and charismatic. Holley will help your team:

  • influence with integrity
  • persuade with power
  • supercharge charisma 

Participants will enjoy activities to increase trust, authentic communication and charisma. 

Book "Body of Influence"
Enrich Relationships, Boost Leadership and Conscious Communication

"Holley lit up the room with her energy and wit, then brought down the house with her deep visualization. Her insight into her client’s needs, coupled with her strong desire to help people, shines through when she speaks."


Erin Loman Jeck

CEO Transformational Speakers Agency

Holley Mignosi

Holley Mignosi shows speakers and experts how to elevate the impact influence and income through the Art of Hypnotic Body Language and the Neuroscience of Storytelling. 


Her techniques deliver new clients prestigious speaking gigs and next-level partnerships that result in global connections and personal transformation. 


As a former celebrity modeling/acting coach, Holley imparts speakers and experts with proven storytelling techniques, body language and charisma skills the tap into the Signature Star Power on stage.


She holds multiple certifications in mindset and physicality specialties such as Hypnotic Stage Presentation, Conversational Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming and more long words that sound really cool. In the end (and in the beginning), it’s all about TRANSFORMATION for FUN and PROFIT. 

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Holley Mignosi

Step into your Signature Star Power on all of life's stages 

  • Discover how to attract ideal clients with your Signature Soul Story
  • Boost your charismatic body language for rapid rapport and radical connection
  • Learn the 2 massive mistakes experts make with their story that repels potential clients


BONUS:  Learn the five phases of dynamic storytelling, and the mistakes that kill charisma causing profits to plummet


Holley Mignosi

Body of Influence: How to Cultivate Leadership Skills and Ultra Charisma for FUN and PROFIT


  • Learn the 5 body language signals of leadership and influence
  • Discover 3 conversation hacks to maximize your first impression charisma
  • Discover how to spot the "Alpha" in any situation from sales to social celebrations


BONUS: How do use the 15 Hottest Hand Gestures for charisma and 5 to NEVER use.

"Holley delivers presentations personally crafted to fit your needs. Her dynamic live presentations will energize your on site meeting or off site event. Holley combines strategies backed by neuroscience, TED-Talk style engagement with vivid storytelling to give attendees actionable steps they'll be inspired to use on the spot."


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