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A deeper dive into the 6 pillars of profitable public speaking for experts who want a more custom solution with 1:1 coaching sessions.


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"Holley Mignosi is an incredibly lovely person both personally and professionally. She is an experienced speaker and skillful trainer who has given me many comprehensive tools to use in order to effectively create, organize and tell my story on stage, a podcast, in a seminar, or workshop. Holley shares her vast wisdom in an easily understandable way. I have just committed to giving my first workshop/training next month, and this is totally due to Holley’s awesome trainings! Thank you so much, Holley!"


Cindy Presar



The 6 Pillars of Profitable Speaking


#1 Create Your Signature System  and Captivating Offers that Sell  ($1997 value)

  • Access to Create your Signature System and Captivating Offers that Sell course
  • Learn how to turn your expertise into a system you can sell online and on stage.
  • Create a journey for your audience so that becoming a client feels like a natural next step
  • Claim and name your dazzling discovery session so that the right people beg to get in
  • Lifetime access to this course


#2 Craft Your Signature Story and Core Message Clarity ($997 value) 

  • Access to the Signature Story Course 
  • Craft your Signature Story so you can get booked on podcasts and stages
  • Discover YOUR core message and how to clearly communicate it 
  • Learn how to turn your 1 hr talk into a 5-minute version (great for podcasts and networking)
  • Turn your Signature Story into micro-stories to use on social media to attract your ideal audience
  • Lifetime access to this course


#3 Craft Your Hot Talk  ($997 value)

  • Craft a HOT TALK so you can get booked to speak on podcasts, virtual and LIVE stages
  • Craft your HOT TALK TITLE so that event hosts beg to book you 
  • What to charge for your hot time and time on stage
  • 5 Minute Talk Template -turn your full 30 minutes talk into a 5 minutes version to share on virtual stages


#4 Move with Hypnotic Presentation Skills ($997)

  • Learn to move with Hypnotic Body Language for stage
  • Discover 3 massive mistakes speakers make with body language that causes profits to plummet
  • Learn frameworks to organize and memorize your content


#5 Speakers' Media Kit ($997 value)

  • Create your Speaker Assets: Media Bio, Speaker 1 Sheet, and Media Kit so you stand out, get noticed, AND get booked.
  • Become a "featured speaker" on our Hot Talk Monday.  Use this footage for your website, speaker's reel, or media kit.
  • Get my checklist of 10 required ingredients in your media kit and the 9 secret sauce elements that will get you noticed, and booked!
  • Bonus! Free Media Kit Template to plug and play your info


#6 Market your Message to Millions ($997)

  • How to get speaking engagements on Podcasts, Summits, Stages, and Webinars as an Expert
  • Learn the 3 things you MUST have to be a sought after featured guest on Summits, Podcasts, and Stage
  • Find your Referrals/Affiliates/Partners 




  • 9 Additional 1:1 sessions  (invaluable)
  • Get access to all the community benefits (invaluable)
  • Direct email and messenger access to me 5 days a week for support, questions, and breakthroughs.
  • Get feedback and personal attention to detail with your speaker assets and materials so you excel faster.
  • Personal testimonial from me to use in media and website.
  • Limited 1:1 seats are available. 
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""I am a writer, and before working with Holley, I had difficulty knowing how to organize my story verbally. I was unclear on how to differentiate between the different parts of my story and how to present it effectively. After working with Holley, I feel much more clear and able to see how I can move forward with presenting my signature story! Holley is a very intelligent, heart-centered woman who knows how to beautifully articulate her message!! "


Crystal Allen

STOP dreaming of being on Stage and Making a Difference. 

STOP feeling stuck and struggling to find your Speaking Voice. 

STOP struggling with your Signature Story. 

STOP struggling with Stage Presence. 

STOP playing small.


The world needs you to step into your Star Power now.  


There is only one you!  


One you with your unique GOD Given Gifts and Talents. 

And it's time for you to shine.

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