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Go from being "afraid to be seen" to feeling CONFIDENT and EXCITED being on stage!


Okay, let me rephrase that...


What if you had access to all the tools needed to help you SHINE ON STAGE  like a world-class woman rocking it in business and as a speaker?




What if you had access to coaching and training not only 1 but 2 times a week in a sacred space of DIVINE FEMININE CREATIVE LEADERS where you felt  supported?


Let's see!


✔ You have been in biz for a while but feel stuck - stuck with your income and impact level, you know you can do more, give more, and make more!


✔ Or maybe you are just getting started and you want a step-by-step approach to getting your speaking biz off to a rocking start!


✔ Or maybe you are in transition and you want clarity and momentum to stay focused.


✔ You have gone through other trainings and you still aren't where you want to be, something is missing.


✔ You are ready boost your visibility on podcasts, virtual and LIVE stages but don't know where to start.


✔ You have been doing it by yourself for a while and you are tired of doing it alone, you know the value of community.


If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. 


I want to help you. 


I want to help you with a transformation from an average person with low influence to a ROCKSTAR ON STAGE where instead of chasing opportunities, you are saying YES to spontaneous invitations to speak on stage, radio, and prestigious podcasts!


Imagine you... 


✔  Becoming INSTANTLY MAGNETIC to ideal clients, partners, and global audiences!

✔  Being RECOGNIZED as a leader in your industry because you're able to connect with your audience. 

✔  Others seek you out to APPEAR ON SHOWS, STAGES, BOOK collaborations, and PRESTIGIOUS PARTNERSHIPS.

✔  You are reaching THOUSANDS with your captivating story and message.

You STAND OUT, because many experts have similar messages, but NO ONE has your story.

✔  Your INCOME IS DOUBLING or tripling right in front of your eyes because of the impact you make!

Let me tell you, it's 100% POSSIBLE.


If you feel hidden, but have a secret desire to be known as THE BEST in YOUR industry, then I have something for you.


The Soulful Speaker Incubator


A 1 year speaking academy where you will become a Soulful Standout Speaker so that you can increase your global EMINENCE, IMPACT,  AND INCOME even if you are a beginner.


 You'll Master...


The 6 Pillars of Profitable Speaking

#1 Create Your Signature System  and Captivating Offers that Sell  ($1997 value)

✔ Access to Create your Signature System and Captivating Offers that Sell course

✔ Learn how to turn your expertise into a system you can sell online and on stage

✔ Create a journey for your audience so that becoming a client feels like a natural next step

✔ Claim and name your dazzling discovery session so that the right people beg to get in

✔ Lifetime access to this course

#2 Craft Your Signature Story and Core Message Clarity ($1997 value) 

Access to the Signature Story Intensive Course 

✔ Craft your Signature Story so you can get booked on podcasts and stages

✔ Discover YOUR core message and how to clearly communicate it 

✔ Learn how to turn your 1 hr talk into a 5-minute version (great for podcasts and networking)

✔ Turn your Signature Story into micro-stories to use on social media to attract your ideal audience

✔ Discover my proven 5 step framework to easily and naturally craft your story even if you are afraid to share it

#3 Craft YOUR Talk with "The Hot Talk Formula" ($1997 value)

✔ Craft your SIGNATURE TALK with my 5 step framework, so you can get booked to speak on podcasts, virtual and LIVE stages

✔ Craft your HOT TALK TITLE so that event hosts beg to book you 

Learn my 4 step process guaranteed to make deciding what charge  breeze

✔ 5 Minute Talk Template -turn your 60 and 30 minute talks into a 5 minutes version to share on podcasts, radio, and virtual stages


#4 Move with Hypnotic Presentation Skills (value $997)

✔ Learn to move with Hypnotic Body Language for stage

✔ Discover 3 massive mistakes speakers make with body language that causes profits to plummet

✔ Learn how to gain instant rapport and trust with your audience through the body language of leadership 

✔ Master the #1 thing you MUST DO with your body within the first 60 seconds on stage (or trust is lost)

✔ Realize how to stop feeling self conscious on stage 

✔ Discover what body part is your trust trigger (hint- it's not what you think)

#5 Speaker's Media Kit ($1997 value)

✔ Create your Speaker Assets: Media Bio, Speaker 1 Sheet, and Media Kit so you stand out, get noticed, AND get booked.

✔ Become a "featured speaker" on our Hot Talk Monday.  Use this footage for your website, speaker's reel, or media kit.

✔ Get my checklist of 10 required ingredients in your media kit and the 9 secret sauce elements that will get you noticed, and booked!

#6 Messaging Millions & Getting Gigs ($1997 value)

✔  How to get speaking engagements on Podcasts, Summits, Stages, and Webinars as an Expert

✔  Learn the 3 things you MUST have to be a sought after featured guest on Summits, Podcasts, and Stage

Learn the magnificent 8 ways to get booked to speak on stage, even before your 1 year is in the academy is done

✔ You get a GUARANTEED spot on stage to speak at our next Soulful Speaker Summit 

✔  Find your speaker Referrals, Affiliates,  and Power Partners to making getting gigs a breeze

Total Value



Hi, I'm Holley

TEDx Coach, Speaker, Storytelling & Body Language Expert, Holley Mignosi helps speakers and experts increase their influence and impact through the art of Hypnotic Body Language and the Neuroscience of Storytelling. 

Holley's appeared on over 100 media outlets including TV shows like "The Doctors" on CBS and NBC.  She has graced the stage with celebrity speakers and authors such as Jack Canfield, Kim Kiyosaki, and Janet Atwood.  

Holley is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs express their soul purpose on GLOBAL stages. With a combined 30 years of experience as a celebrity modeling and acting coach, fitness trainer, and TEDx speaking coach, Holley has helped over 250,000 people embody their message and command the stage using her 5 Phases of Powerful Storytelling framework and Hypnotic Body Language.

Holley is a #1 best-selling author and holds multiple certifications in mindset and physicality specialties such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Hypnotic Presentation Skills, and other long words that sound cool! 

On top of what you're getting already, I would like to throw in a


As a member of the Soulful Speaker Incubator, you'll also get 50-90% OFF on additional programs open to the public: 

💖 Bonus #1: The Art of Sales Mastery so that you can master your sales skills without being sales-y or push-y ($300 value)

💖 Bonus #2: VIP Speaker Retreats & Masterminds to surround yourself with like-minded women entrepreneurs who are on a mission to monetize their message! ($5000 value)

💖 Bonus #3: On-location Speaker Photoshoots to up-level your social presence and attract speaking gigs, interviews and clients ($5000 value)

💖 Bonus #4: TEDx Masterclasses and Trainings to take on the ULTIMATE stage and become a world-class speaker! ($2000 value)

💖 Bonus #5: If you're in my community, you'll be the first to know when selected TEDx locations are seeking speakers, and you'll know how, where and when to apply (priceless)


Bonus Value: $12,300

Total Value $23,282

What others are saying about

Holley's Programs

STOP dreaming of being on Stage and Making a Difference!

STOP feeling stuck and struggling to find your Speaking Voice. 

STOP struggling with your Signature Story. 

STOP struggling with Stage Presence. 

STOP playing small.


The world needs you to step into your Star Power now.  


There is only one you!  


One you with your unique GOD Given Gifts and Talents. 


Step Into Your Star Power 


It's your time to shine my friend, the world is waiting.



"Holley has a unique talent for creating a marked shift in how you literally "embody" your message."

Devi Adea

Host of Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast

It's Your Time to Shine My Friend!


#1. Create Your Signature System and Captivating Offers that Sell ($1997 value)

#2. Craft Your Signature Story and Core Message Clarity ($1997 value)

#3. Craft Your Hot Talk ($1997 value)

#4. Move with Hypnotic Presentation Skills ($997)

#5. Speaker Media Kit ($1997 value)

#6. Market your Message to Millions ($1997)

#7. As a member, get 50-90% OFF on additional programs open to the public: 

💖 Bonus #1: The Art of Sales Mastery ($300 value)

💖 Bonus #2: VIP Speaker Retreats & Masterminds ($5000 value)

💖 Bonus #3: On-location Speaker Photoshoots ($5000 value)

💖 Bonus #4: TEDx Masterclasses and Trainings ($2000 value)

💖 Bonus #5: Be the first to know about everything TEDx (locations, how, where and when to apply) (priceless) 

 Total Value $23,282

One Easy Investment 




Invest in FULL




The Soulful Speaker Guarantee

You might be not sure if this is for you. No problem..

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the program within the first 14 days, you’ll receive a 100% refund on the program. Simply send me an email with the request.