For Boss Babes, Coaches & Consultants who Want to Use the Power of Storytelling in their Business:


in Just 6 Weeks 

Get clarity and craft your Signature Story that moves MILLIONS so that you can get booked to speak on podcasts, summits, virtual and live stages!


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We all know the saying

“Facts tell but STORIES SELL”.


Here's the thing...


You probably have seen the most successful coaches speak.

Some of them you even follow on social media.

And you were captivated by their talk, their video or their personality. 

What's their SECRET?

What makes them so captivating so that you’re glued to their speech?

What do they all have in common? 

And, most importantly, what makes YOU instantly connected to them?

The short answer is... 


Their Signature Stories


The long answer is below..

If you want to scale your business beyond 6 figures in 2023, you MUST HAVE a signature story.

Yup, you heard it.

In today's "identity" economy, having a Signature Story is not considered an option if you want to achieve explosive success in your coaching biz!

It is YOUR story that makes you STAND OUT from your competition because NO ONE has the same experiences, challenges and acquired the same lessons as you!


So let me ask you a question...


What if in just 6 weeks, you’ll DISCOVER and CRAFT your Signature Story so that you can increase your influence, charisma and income?

What if it was a story that you can confidently, brilliantly and boldly share online/on stage or in a book

Before we continue, let me ask you a few questions?

  • Have you ever felt like it was time for you to share your personal story, knowledge, and expertise in a bigger way? Yet you are STOPPED by self-doubt,  perfectionism or lack of confidence?

  • Do you feel as if your STORY IS NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH or WORTH TELLING to create an impact and change the lives of many?
  • Do you want to share your message with the world but you just don't know where to start?
  • Do you fear losing credibility by showing vulnerability in your story?


I was asking the same questions you're asking right now. 

That's why I got fascinated by what makes people magnetic, confident and influential. 

Because I wanted that for myself!

I've been researching, practicing and teaching the Art of Storytelling for more than 8 years now.

More than a thousand coaches, experts and leaders came to me so I could help them with crafting their Stories. 



It LIGHTS ME UP to see my clients fulfill their purpose and live the life of their DREAMS!


And that's why I want to

help you too!

I know how you feel...

I felt the same way.  And I found that all you need is...

✔  A proven story framework to craft your signature story.

✔  A step-by-step process that takes you from struggling with your story to confidently CRAFTING and SHARING it online.

✔  Expert feedback on your story every step of the way.  So that the first time you share your story, it won't be the first time!

Can you imagine? 

Imagine being able to share your transformational story with MILLIONS without the feeling of shame, guilt or fear of judgment regarding your past?


 Also, imagine...

✔  Gaining confidence and feeling excited to share your story with the world!


✔ Others are SEEKING YOU OUT to appear on  SHOWS, stages, book collaborations, and prestigious partnerships.


✔  More clients want you to help them because your story is their path out of pain.


✔  You STAND OUT because many experts have similar messages, but NO ONE has your story.

Let me tell you, it's 100% POSSIBLE.


So if YOU want to craft a Signature Story that ACTUALLY CAPTIVATES and SELLS, I have something for you.


 The Signature Story Intensive

A 6-week program where I’ll teach you how to craft your Signature Story that SELLS so you can SHINE ONLINE and ATTRACT dream clients!!


"I mastered my 5-minute story and successfully delivered it on 2 podcasts."

"In the first 30 days of working with Holley, I mastered my 5-minute story and successfully delivered it on 2 podcasts. The reach and relationships continue to expand. Thanks to Holley and her Signature Systems, I feel very confident with my story, message and offer!"

Alissa Leahi, Founding Goddess at Tattoobie

Here's What You'll

Get #1

# 1 Craft Your Signature Story ($997 value) 

✔ Access to the Signature Story Video Course 

✔ Craft your Signature Story so you can get booked on podcasts and stages

✔ Learn how to turn your 1 hr talk into a 5-minute version (great for podcasts and networking)

✔ Turn your Signature Story into micro-stories to use on social media to attract your ideal audience

✔ Lifetime access to this course

"I’ve been using my story to sell to my audience, connect with them, and to make true connections"

"Working with Holley in her Signature Story Program has been incredible! She was able to easily help me understand how my story plays into who I am and into my business on such an incredible level that I feel reinvigorated in my business and my purpose. I’ve been using my story to sell to my audience, connect with them, and to make true connections that I wouldn’t have been able to make without Holley’s story genius. This has been so much more than a story program for me, it’s helped me make peace with my past and understand my purpose."

Christy Avis, Branding Expert, Founder of Aligned Business

Here's What You'll

Get #2

# 2 Weekly Storytelling Coaching ($2997 value) 

Get accelerated results in crafting your story!

✔ Weekly Zoom training and hot-seat coaching on your personal story

Get real-time feedback on your story.  No more "wondering" if it's good enough

Get your most pressing questions answered


"I'm able to tell my full story, something I never thought would be possible."

Holley was able to pull parts of my story out of me that I never tell anyone. The parts of my story which hold the most emotional, painful memories. She is so well versed in her art of storytelling that I now feel able to tell my full story, something I never thought would be possible because it's so emotionally charged for me."

Karen Hodgson, Coach

Here's What You'll

Get #3

# 3 Proven Formulas ($697 value) 

Get templates and step-by-step structures to help you save time and money:

✔ The Signature Story Template that serves you as a guide to help you write, share, and remember your story.    

The 5 Minute Talk Template - turn your full 30 minutes talk into a 5 minutes version to share on podcasts, radio, and virtual stages

And more!

"I ended my class with 4 podcast invitations"

"Because of her guidance, I ended my class with 4 podcast invitations and a spot offering Animal Reiki seminars through the CT Humane Society."

Kelly L. McCarthy, Animal Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and Communicator

Here's What You'll

Get  #4

# 4 Things You Can't Put a Price Tag On 

Access to the Soulful Speaker™ speaking event where you can practice in front of more than 1400 people and get valuable feedback (Priceless)

Access to Soulful Speaker Incubator (Priceless)

Testimonials to showcase your storytelling skills (Priceless)

Go from stage fright to loving the spotlight! (Priceless)

Experience telling your story before you are in the limelight (Beyond Priceless)


TOTAL Value  for the Program $4691


"So many people reach out for collab and affiliate opportunities!"

"I signed 4 clients immediately after my class. I have so much more engagement with my content and have so many people reach out for collab and affiliate opportunities."

Christy Avis, Branding Expert, Founder of Aligned Business

On top of what you're getting already, I would like to offer you a


The Body Language Course

($997 value)


Get My Body Language Video Training so you can add SIZZLE to our communication style! 

"My signature story is engaging and makes people say YES to my irresistible offer"

"Holley was instrumental in taking my signature story to the next level that is engaging and makes people say yes to my irresistible offer. Thank you Holley for your incredible support. I can't wait to share it to #womenempowermentsummit"

Josee Brisebois, CEO/Founder/Owner at Josee Brisebois

Meet Holley

Speaker, Storyteller, and Body Language ExpertHolley Mignosi helps speakers and experts increase their influence and impact through the art of Hypnotic Body Language and the Neuroscience of Storytelling. 

Holley is on a mission to help women express their soul purpose on all of life’s stages.  With a combined 30 years of experience as a celebrity modeling and acting coach, fitness trainer, and public speaking coach, Holley has helped over 250,000 people embody their message and command the stage using her 5 Phases of Powerful Storytelling framework.

Holley has graced the stage with celebrity speakers such as Jack Canfield, Kim Kiyosaki, and Janet Atwood. She is a #1 best-selling author and holds multiple certifications in mindset and physicality specialties such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Hypnotic Presentation Skills, and other long words that sound cool. 

" to effectively create, organize and tell my story on stage, a podcast, in a seminar, or workshop"

"Holley is an experienced speaker and skillful trainer who has given me many comprehensive tools to use in order to effectively create, organize and tell my story on stage, a podcast, in a seminar, or workshop. Holley shares her vast wisdom in an easily understandable way. I have just committed to giving my first workshop/training next month, and this is totally due to Holley’s awesome trainings! "

Cindy Presar, Women’s Empowerment, Cancer Support and Self Defense Coach

Did you know that someone is praying for you to show up in their life


That's right.


Someone needs your message, your story, your coaching to help them solve their problem.   


You have been through so much in your life. 


And those experiences have taught you many things that have made you the extraordinary person you are today.  Your story is exactly what they need to hear to know that they can trust you to guide them.

It's time to stand out as someone your audience knows, likes, and trusts because I am going to show you how to craft YOUR story step by step.

It's time to be seen as the go-to leader in your industry because I will show you how your story gives you instant credibility.  


Let's create your story together. 


It's your time to shine my friend, the world is waiting.



"I have learned how to choose, organize and deliver the right stories that will have most impact and represent who I am and what I am offering"

"Holley is such a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much about how to choose, organize and deliver the right stories that will have most impact and represent who I am and what I am offering. Invaluable support from a very wise, generous and accessible teacher."

Miche Meizner, Healer, Mentor, Coach

Still Undecided?

The Intensive is for you if...

  • You want to create YOUR signature story.
  • You have a story but want to refine it or create another.
  • You want a story template for future stories and talks.
  • You don't think you have a story.
  • You have content but need support crafting your story.
  • You want to help people with your story.
  • You want to inspire and transform audiences with your story.
  • You want a step-by-step approach to getting it done.

"I've now been able to share my story with others in an impactful way."

"From the day I heard Holley tell her story I knew I had to work with her. She had me absolutely captivated. She delivered her story in a way that caught my attention, kept me engaged and I wanted to know more. I've now worked with Holley for about two years. I never expected that by crafting my story I would also find enormous healing and clarity. I've now been able to share my story with others in an impactful way. I've been able to temper the emotion so that I don't loose the audience but actually engage them."

Sandy Sinden, Founder Savvy CEO Club

"I am now saying YES to TV and media opportunities!"

"Finally my story is ready to share! Thank you Holley Van Pelt Mignosi, the Signature Story Intensive truly made the difference. Feeling safe and being guided through the framework was incredibly helpful for me. I had so many moving parts and mixed emotions with my story - and I'd received so much conflicting advice on how to share it in a way that felt authentic. Holley's program was so productive. Tangible results! I am now saying YES to TV and media opportunities."

Alissa Leahi, Creative Marketing & Brand Support for Entrepreneurs, Cancer Survivor