I help women

I help women create their dream body and dream life by releasing the hidden habits that hold them back and by helping them master The 4 Pillars of Health so that they feel happier, healthier, and free.  

Need a speaker for your next event?  Contact me for your next corporate or special event.  I also offer Health & Fitness Coaching for Groups, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs.   It’s your time to shine, let’s do this!

My Story


My passion for health and fitness started years ago at a modeling and acting school in the Sacramento area.  I began teaching image and style development to aspiring models and actors after receiving my cosmetology license.

I loved the beauty and fashion world.  But, what I REALLY loved was helping women look and feel their best.  Watching them transform their image which in turn improved their confidence and charisma inspired me.

It wasn’t long before I became a runway coach and even occasionally modeling  myself.  However, I did not have the typical “model body”.  My body wasn’t as thin and lean as it was “athletic”.


The pressure to be thin and lean was ever present.  And even though I was a size 4-6, I was 15 pounds over weight according to industry standards.   I secretly wished I had a different body and often loathed my thick “athletic” limbs.

The pressure to be thinner caused me to try every weight loss trick in the book.  Including, but not limited to: diets pills, powders, weight loss drinks, cleanses, appetite suppressants, and workout routines guaranteed to “lose fat or your money back”!

A few pounds may have come off here and there but, I felt terrible.  I had headaches, heart palpitations, sleepless nights, and anxiety attacks.  I traded few pounds for an unhealthy body and an unhealthy self image.  What I wanted was self love, acceptance, simply to feel beautiful.  What I ended up with was self loathing, self  judgement, and feeling not good enough.   I knew this was unhealthy and there had to be a better way!


Weeknights and weekends were spent learning how to create a healthy body and lifestyle.  I hired a personal trainer and learned as much as I could about health and fitness.  I read books on nutrition, weight lifting , self development, neuroscience, and mindset strategies.  After completing Coaches Training with Tony Robbins it all came together.  I fell in love with coaching and specialized in health and fitness.

Taking a leap of faith,  I opened a personal training studio in 2006.  I received 6 different fitness certifications including Personal Training, Turbo Kick, Pilates, Yoga, and more.  Finally, I found the pathway to happiness by helping others feel healthy, free, and beautiful.

Empowering women to love their bodies while creating a healthy life style is my passion.  Goodbye self loathing and negative self talk.  Hello healthy body, happy mindset, self acceptance, gratitude, and straight up joy!

I am grateful to be on this beautiful journey of working with hundreds of women who courageously step into their dream body and dream life.  These women inspire me everyday.  It is an honor to be a part of their journey AND I look forward to the opportunity to witness yours.

“We don’t inspire others by how perfect we are, we inspire by how we handle our imperfections.  Therefore, every imperfection is an opportunity for inspiration.”

~Holley Mignosi